Thursday, October 12, 2006


At last a solid 'English' performance. I'm sick of watching all these long haired dive-mongers try and frog their way through a man's game. And if they're not dancing they're thinking, sewing on the bench like a woman or an Italian, thinking all the time, thinking their little Swedish thoughts. What do they know about Saint Georgge? But now we've got English thoughts: like fighting and heading. Real man's thoughts, like how far you can kick the ball. And statistics. With statistics you're either right or wrong, John Terry or David Beckham. Who would you rather be standing next to in a trench? John Terry because he's bigger. Men against boys.

It's just like McClaren said, keep it simple. Have everyone playing for England where they play for their clubs. Sven needs his glasses cleaned if he can't see that Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Spurs (all the good English teams, not like that dirty mudblood Arsenal, with only that traitor Walcott in the squad) play 5-3-2. Simple.

God save the queen.


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