Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jay's Story

Of the three of us I have been in Paris the longest. So this is probably going to be the most interesting part of our blog. It also means that I have done the most stuff. It also also means that I am now the most bored.

The stuff I have done so far is (in order):

• Pompidou Centre – the inside-out concept is really nice.

• The Left Bank – pretended to be a proper bigtime boho; didn’t pull it off because it rained and my plimsolls got wet.

• I went to the bank (a financial bank, not a bank of the Seine).

• I went to the Louvre to take a peek at the Mona Lisa through the hoards of Japanese tourists. Unfortunately the French museums permit the use of cameras – taking pictures of pictures really annoys me.

• I went shopping to get more boho.

• It became beer o’clock and so I went boozing to a metrosexual club with Eccleshare. It was free drinks for a while – I indulged, which subsequently enabled me and Jenny to shake the dancefloor to its knees.

• Recovered from a hangover by watching football in a bar with Eccleshare. Got bored of England so went to watch the French game.

• Me and Jenny went to Mass.


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